jameson distillary

Jameson Distillery Bow St.

The Jameson Distillery, Bow St. is within walking distance of the hotel. Located on the original site of John Jameson's distillery in Bow Street , Dublin which was founded in 1780, the distillery offers exciting and engaging guided whiskey experiences for the whiskey connoisseur or novice!. Discover the Story of Jameson through a Bow St. Experience, where a comparison whiskey tasting is included and a glass of “daily grog”.

For those seeking a deeper dive in all things whiskey then we recommend the Whiskey Makers or the Whiskey Shakers , both 90 minute masterclasses in either blending or cocktail shaking!

Luas stop Smithfield and Walking distance to Jameson Distillery Bow St.: 1000 meters / 1 KM

Public and private transport Options available