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The Morrison has teamed up with Taste the Island to ensure that the best products make it from our amazing producers around the island of Ireland to your fork. We are proud of Ireland's reputation for excellence in food and drinks. So enjoy it!

Our Angus Beef comes from Ballon Meats, one of Ireland’s leading butchers located in Co. Carlow. Reared on the family farm, the Angus cattle is renowned for its low carbon footprint as the Angus breed thrive on a grass -based diet, providing a rich and flavoured marbled meat.

The taste and tenderness of Irish Hereford Prime Beef is world renowned – some of the most prestigious restaurants around the globe are now proudly serving Irish Hereford Prime. A key characteristic of Irish Hereford Prime Beef is the fine grain marbling throughout, which ensures a consistent and superior quality.

James Whelan Butcher is currently run by Pat Whelan, the fifth generation butcher from Clonmel Co. Tipperary. James Whelan Butchers works with traditional artisan suppliers and farmers to source the finest quality of products from the surrounding areas. James Whelan Butchers have also been awarded the Board Bia Origin Green Programme recognizing their efforts in sustainability. 

Slaney Lamb Co. Wexford: lamb farming is an age-old tradition in Ireland. Thanks to the mild Irish weather, lambs spend most of the year outside and therefore is primarily fed off grass with little cereal supplementation giving it a succulent and slightly sweet taste

O’Neill's Dry Cure Bacon Company is a family business ran from Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford. Pat O’Neill hand cures his rashers with a traditional family recipe using natural sea salt which uses 30% less salt than average. Thanks to Pat Whelan’s recipe you can now taste the natural flavor of Irish pork the way it should be eaten!
“Award Winning Bacon that Tastes and Cooks like it should!”

Manor Farm chicken is one of the oldest family companies in Ireland. Since 1775, Manor Farm have been dedicated to providing quality poultry straight from their farm in Co. Cavan.

Wrights of Marino: “If it swims – We have it!!” such is the motto of the Wright family who opened their first fish & grocery shop in Malahide in 1904. Over the years, they have grown to be one of the most well-known and renowned fishmongers in the country sourcing their seafood from all corners of Ireland, stretching from Lambay Island of Dublin, to Dingle in Kerry, and Killybegs in Donegal.

Bretzel Bakery is a modern-day bakery steeped in tradition and history. Established in Dublin’s Portobello neighborhood in 1870, the Bretzel Bakery has long been synonymous with excellence. This bakery’s secret resides in the quality of ingredients used and the passion of itits bakers who hand make all of our delicious mouth-watering breads daily.

Jinny’s Bakery: Since 2003, the award-winning Jinny’s Bakery succeeded to stand out from the crowd, thanks to their third generation traditional brown bread recipe with no additives and a unique flavour.

The story of Cashel Blue® and Beechmount Farm goes back to the 19th century, when a Quaker family living in the south-east of Ireland owned and ran several successful mills in counties Tipperary and Waterford. Cashel Blue® is a true Irish food success story growing to be the most recognised Irish cheese internationally and winning many awards in Ireland and worldwide.   

Hegarty Farmhouse: Their farm is about 150 acres and has been run for generations by the Hegarty family. Since 2001, the Hegarty Farmhouse has used only the milk produced by their herd of Irish Friesian cows for their cheese production, making their cheese fully traceable from the field to the finished product.

Meade Potato Company: “A Passion for Potatoes”
Philip Meade Sr. first began selling potatoes in the towns around Meath and Louth in 1977. Bringing delicious and nutritious potatoes to the people of the Northeast was a true calling for him, and to this day the new generation of Meades continue to share their love affair with the Irish spud with us.

The Keelings have been supplying locally sourced fruit & veg to the local Dublin Markets since 1926. As Keelings products are grown here in Co. Dublin and surrounding areas, you can be sure that you are eating the freshest and the best that Ireland can offer!