The Josper

 Table Reservation
The Josper Grill is an indoor barbecue oven and cooks a variety of meat and fish at over 500°C, sealing in all the flavor and moisture for an incredible taste experience.

From land to table is of utmost importance - Sushil is committed to this - certifiable, home grown and reputable is all that matters. The beef for The Josper is 100% certified Irish beef born, reared and bred all with the ‘Feirme Nadurtha’ stamp. There is one exception - the Rib eye - still guaranteed Irish, this comes from Kettle Meats at 38 days dry aged - simply too good to not have on the menu. The fish has to be BIM approved and through strong relationships with Iona farms in County Dublin a growing schedule has been established which will see seasonality to the fore on the menus. After that, it’s all put together daily by the team of Chefs in house.