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#MorrisonAtHome Recipes

Our Executive Head Chef Sushil Kumar decided to open up his recipe book and reveal some of his cooking secrets, for delicious restaurant-quality meals that can be prepared in the comfort of our own homes.

Check out below all released dish recipes, and, as there is nothing better than a well-balanced drink to pair with a delicious meal, we brought our talented Quay 14 bartenders team to also teach us some of the most famous Morrison signature cocktails!

You can find all cocktail recipes here, and also follow new releases through our Social Media platforms - such as our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Super Food Salad

Recipe Salad
- Cooking time 20 minutes
- Serve 2 people

Preparing Giant Quinoa:
. 40 grams Giant Quinoa 
. Pinch of turmeric powder

- Take a medium saucepan, boil half a litre of water and add turmeric and the Giant Quinoa.
- Let boil for 4 minutes. Take it off the heat, and let it cool down until water is absorbed.

Preparing Raspberry vinaigrette:
. 50 grams Fresh raspberries 
. 1 teaspoon Lemon juice
. 75ml Rapeseed oil

- Put the raspberries in a mixer and blend it into a puree.
- Pour it in a mixing bowl and add lemon juice.
- Whisk it slowly, add rapeseed oil and continue to whisk until you get a thicker like syrup consistency.

Preparing the salad:
. 30 grams Winter berries 
. 2 peeled & cooked Yellow Beets  
. 8 Quail egg nos (or 2 eggs boiled)
. 40 grams cooked Kale
. 6 heads Artichoke
. 4 Dried Figs cut in small pieces 
. 75 grams Mix leaves 
. 25 grams Feta cheese 

- Take all the ingredient in a large mixing bowl (except feta cheese) and mix it gently while adding the raspberry vinaigrette.
- Once you are ready to eat, gently place your salad mix in a large pasta style bowl and add the feta cheese at last.

Ready to serve. Enjoy!

Hearty Seafood Chowder

Recipe Chowder
- Cooking time 30 minutes
- Serve 4 people

Preparing the Chowder:
. 15ml Rapeseed oil 
. 1 medium size onion fine chopped 
. 2 potatoes peeled & cut in cubes
. 20g Celery fine chopped 
. 50ml Fresh pouring Cream 
. 20g Fresh fennel fine chopped
. 75g Smoked Haddock diced
. 75g Salmon diced 
. 75g Cod diced
. 12 Large Prawns
. Salt & pepper for seasoning 
. Pinch of chopped Parsley

- Heat the Rapeseed oil in a medium size saucepan.
- Add chopped onions and sauté it until it turns golden brown.
- Add the cubes of potato then sauté it as well. 
- Add the fine chopped celery and cook it for 5 minutes in medium heat.
- Add the fresh cream and let it boil until potato is cooked to your taste.
- Add the diced salmon, cod, smoked haddock and prawns, and cook it for 8 minutes.
- Add seasoning and chopped parsley.
- Stir it gently and leave it to rest for 5 minutes.

Ready to serve. Enjoy!

*an extra tip from our Chef is to serve it with a slice of Soda Bread.. you won’t regret it!

Monkfish & Prawn Curry

Recipe curry
- Cooking time 50 minutes
- Serve 3 people

Preparing Turmeric Rice:
. 1 cup Basmati rice
. 1 teaspoon Olive oil 
. 1 white onion fine chopped 
. 2 cups water  
. ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder 
. Salt to taste

- Place the rice in a bowl and wash it couple of times until water from the rice comes out clean.
- Heat the oil in a saucepan.
- Add the onion and sauté it until it’s golden brown.
- Add the rice and keep stirring for 2 minutes in medium flame.
- Add water and cover the saucepan with a tight lid.
- Cook it for 20 minutes in medium flame - stir occasionally. 
- Check if rice is cooked and fluffy - add more water if required. 
- Once ready, let it rest for 10 minutes before serving.  

Preparing Curry:
. 10 ml Rapeseed Oil
. 2 teaspoons Ginger fine chopped
. 1 teaspoon Garlic chopped  
. 1 White Onion fine chopped
. 1 nos Green Chilli chopped
. ½ Cinnamon stick 
. 2 nos Bay Leaf
. 2 nos medium tomatoes chopped
. 15 grams Coriander chopped
. 20 grams Mint leaves chopped
. ½ teaspoon Black Peppercorns 
. ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder 
. ½ teaspoon Coriander powder 
. ½ teaspoon Cumin powder 
. 1 teaspoon Curry powder 
. Pinch Juniper berry powder
. Salt to taste
. 40ml Coconut Milk
. 200g Monkfish cut in cubes
. 12 Prawns peeled & devein

- Heat oil in a medium size non-stick saucepan
- Lower the flame and add the ginger, garlic, onion, green chili, cinnamon stick and bay leaves
- Sauté it for 5 to 8 minutes until onion it’s golden brown
- Add the tomatoes and stir well
- Cover it with a lid and cook in low flame - stir it occasionally for 5 minutes
- Add the rest of spices & herbs and mix well - stir occasionally and let it cook for 5 minutes
- Add the coconut milk and stir it well
- Remove cinnamon stick and bay leaves with a spoon or tong
- Cook it approximately 5 more minutes than blend it using a mixer
- Add the monkfish and cook it for 5 minutes
- Add the prawns and cook it for another 5 minutes
- Make sure the cooking of these is to your liking and turn off the heat.

You can serve the curry and rice together, or in separate dish bowls.

*an extra tip from our Chef is to serve it with a slice warm naan bread.


Prawn Pil Pil

Recipe Prawn
- Cooking time 30 minutes
- Serve 2 people

Preparing Prawn Pil Pil:
. 1 Lemon cut in half
. 1 teaspoon Rapeseed oil 
. 1 teaspoon Ginger finely chopped 
. 1 teaspoon Garlic finely chopped 
. 1 Red Chilli finely chopped
. 200g Prawns - peeled & devein 
. 50g Chorizo cut in small cubes 
. 2 tablespoons Mixed Peppers chopped 
. 1 teaspoon Cajun spice 
. 1 tablespoon Spring onion
. Pinch Coriander chopped 
. Salt & Pepper for seasoning
. Dipping Bread 

- Heat up a non-stick frying pan and sear half lemon – cut-side down.
- Let them cook until they begin to char - about 5 minutes. Remove when it’s ready.
- Add the rapeseed oil in medium heat.
- Add the ginger, garlic & chilly and sauté it until golden brown.
- Add the prawns and sauté for more 4 minutes in high heat.
- Add chorizo, mixed peppers, Cajun spice and sauté it for further 3-4 minutes in medium heat.
- Add 2 tablespoons of water, the coriander, spring onion and seasoning and cook for last 2-3minutes.
- Serve it with the charred lemon.

The Chef recommends serving this dish with some sliced and toasted sourdough bread on the side not to waste any sauce left on the plate.


Baileys Chocolate Mousse

Recipe Beileys mousse
- Cooking time 3h45
- Serve 4 portions

Preparing the Apricot Puree:
. 1 small can of Apricot Halves
. 1 leaf Silver gelatine 
. 50ml of cold water 
. 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
. 1/3 cup of Caster Sugar

- Drain and discard water of Apricot Halves can.
- Place the apricots in a blender and puree.
- Soften the gelatine in cold water.
- In a medium saucepan, combine apricot puree, gelatine, lemon juice and sugar.
- Keep it in low heat until gelatine and sugar dissolve.
- Once ready, refrigerate mixture for about 20 minutes.
- Transfer content to a squeezy bottle if preferable before using.

Preparing the mousse:
. 1 Gelatine leaf 
. 250ml Double cream 
. 100g white chocolate drops
. 50g Caster sugar 
. 40ml Baileys Irish Cream

- Soak the gelatine leaf in cold water and melt it – leave it on the side.
- Melt the white chocolate with 50ml of the double cream in a double boiler.
- Whisk it in a mixing bowl firmly until gets to a smooth texture.
- In a separate bowl, whisk the sugar, Baileys and remaining double cream until it becomes a soft whipped texture.
- Add the content of both bowls together and the melted gelatine (you can use a larger mixing bowl if needed) & whisk it slowly until they are all well blend – don’t over whisk.
- Pour it in a serving dish and refrigerate for 3 hours until its firm.
- Then you can add the garnishes before serving: a handful of fresh berries of your preference, edible flowers, and 1 teaspoon of the apricot puree.

Ready to serve, enjoy!!

Morrison Pancakes

Recipe Pancake
- Cooking time - 20 minutes
- Makes 6 pancakes

Preparing the pancakes:
. 1 ½ cup Self-rising flour
. 1 teaspoon Baking powder
. 2 Eggs - room temperature
. 2 tablespoons Caster sugar
. 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
. 50ml Melted butter
. 1 cup Milk
. Cooking oil Spray

- In a medium size metal mixing bowl, sieve the flour and baking powder - mix it well.
- In another mixing bowl, whisk the eggs gently and add the sugar, milk, vanilla extract & butter.
- Pour egg mix into flour and whisk it gently – make sure it is mixed well.
- Heat a non-stick frying pan in medium heat - grease it with the oil spray.
- Pour pancake mix on the pan using a ladle – one at a time (about 3 tablespoons per pancake)
- Cook it until bubbles start to pop up: you can lift the edge with a palette knife to see if it's golden-brown as it should be.
- Then flip the pancake over with a palette knife to cook the other side – usually cooks faster.
- Cook it again until there is no moist left.
- When ready, simply slide it out of the pan onto a plate and restart the steps until you finish the batter.

To serve, you can choose your favourite toppings... 

Be creative and build your own mix of flavours, such as:

- icing sugar sprinkles, fresh berries, maple syrup and fresh lemon drops
- sea salt, caramel & honeycomb
- dark chocolate, mousse, wild cherries, chocolate nemesis & chantilly
- caramelised shallots, chorizo & smoked ham