Buffet Lunch Menu


Hot buffet 

Braised beef rib, cognac cream & green pepper sauce  
Lamb, aubergine and butternut squash stew 
Duck leg confit, Grand Marnier sauce 
Pork medallions, calvados sauce  
Baked salmon, stir fry vegetables 
Baked fillet of hake, pok choi 
Malaysian chicken curry 
Chicken piccata 


Garlic & herb roasted potatoes 
Roasted seasonal vegetables 
Chorizo mac n’ cheese 
Champ potato 
Basmati rice 


Portobello mushroom, plum tomatoes, aged balsamic 
Warm soy beef, thai noodle, chilli, corriander 
Baby new potatoes, cumin & lemongrass 
French bean, tomato & coriander salsa 
Tomatoes, feta cheese & basil pesto 
Parma ham, feta cheese and walnut 
Smoked chicken Hawaiian salad 
Lamb, couscous & mint yogurt 
Beetroot & carrot salad 
Waldorf salad 


Dark chocolate & orange cheesecake 
Salted caramel & honeycombe pots 
Blood orange crème brulee 
Chocolate fudge truffle 
Raspberry cheesecake 
Passion fruit torte 
Lemon posset 
Key lime pie 

Choose from the following combinations…

1.) 1 hot option, 1 side, 2 salads - €25 
2.) 1 hot option, 2 sides, 2 salads, 1 dessert - €29 
3.) 2 hot option, 2 sides, 3 salads, 1 dessert - €32 
4.) 2 hot option, 3 sides, 3 salads, 2 desserts -€34 
5.) 3 hot option, 3 sides, 3 salads, 2 desserts - €39

The Big Deal

Priced at €199 in total for 2 people sharing and includes breakfast and dinner in the Morrison Grill for the 2 of you and lots more. Add a second night for only €100.