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Conceirge Tips

Here at the Morrison, we have an enthusiastic team of dedicated guest service agents and concierge who are continually looking for the best things to do in Dublin. Our team really care about delivering the highest levels of customer service and are here to help plan and maximise your time in Dublin. Our concierge has put together a list of things to do, that our team have personally tried and tested. If you do have any other recommendations or any feedback about what to do in Dublin – please let our team know.

The Grumpy Concierge at The Morrison Pharmacy of Wellbeing and Self Loving November: 

Tis the month before ‘Silly Season’, that word was shall not mention, The Big ‘C’, four weeks until you have those obligatory obligations and felicitations to meet and greet (sometimes through gritted teeth) so why not take this month and take stock, regroup, self reflect and consume all of those vital vitamins like B, C & D that will recharge your batteries and arm you with that fervor for something alternative about Dublin to do and experience. I hear y’all saying ‘B’s, C’s & D’s????’ have you already gone into hibernation you lucid lump? – But bear with me and read on, this ‘Cultural Tonic’ and ‘Social Prescription’ is just what your grumpy concierge has ordered… 

Your Vital Vitamins; Lets start with ‘B’ –because it’s a very good place to start…. 

‘B’ is for ‘Books
’ The Dublin Book Festival has been at the forefront of the publishing community here in Ireland – since 2005 it has showcased why our country has produced so many literary names and this year is no excuse. Using Smock Alley Theatre as it’s festival hub, only a skip and a hop across the river from the hotel, this year sees a panel an host of authors and historians giving their experience, expertise and readings from their own works not to mention ‘The Winter Garden’ from 12pm-5pm Fri – Sun as well as a Victorian Walk and Literary Walk about the city on Sunday Runs from November 13th -16th 

‘C’ Is For Charity 

November officially becomes Movember – in an attempt to raise awareness to Men’s (yes you heard right – us men have feelings, lumps and bumps too) Health with early detection being key to prevention and recovery. This month sees men – known collectively as Mo Bros (and women – under the collective title of Mo Sistas) are encouraged to grow their moustaches to champion the cause – however there are rules and to find out more how this foundation really makes a difference in a fun and engaging way click on the website below and register – go on set yourself a follicle challenge this month – you may not meet the man of your dreams all tashed up but you may just save someone else’s. This month for 30 days only put someone else before yourself. - 

Added supplements beneficial to the sexes – we all know that men and women are built differently and require specialist attention in some areas more than others to help bring out the better ‘you’ 

For Her - here is a list of additions and accessories just perfect to compliment your day out about Dublin with your gal-pals – Chic in the City 

Coco Atelier – whether its party or heading to or just a sneaky wrap up take away to indulge yourself after a hard day shopping or working this gourmet chocolatier creates unmissable and unimaginable combinations that melt your taste buds into an aromatic and orgasmic frenzy for the coco – from fudges to brittles, Florentines to boutique Easter eggs and finally to their signature macaroons – this establishment knows where it wants to send their customers – to Heaven and back again on a full tummy of chocolate love. (30 Drury Street Dublin 2) 

Om Diva This five storeyed establishment known as ‘The Jewel of Drury Street’ has it all for that independent shopper and thinker and the trendsetter not afraid to look into the past to see what the future can become from vintage to contemporary to accessories – from their very own designers ‘The Divas’ in residence in their ateliers, pray hope they still live by their ‘sip & stitch’ mantra with costumers and creators alike.- (27 Drury Street Dublin 2) 

Parfumarija - Stand out from the rest of the crowd with your own inspired and created fragrance in this niche perfumery – create your won essence and aura into a bottle – guaranteed to get that person in your life hooked on just your presence when you walk into the room - (25 Westbury Mall Dublin 2) 

For Him – to help build that ‘bromance’ with your buddies – here are a few tips for the modern man about Dublin and a day let on the loose ...

The Waldorf Barbers – This Barber shop has been at the fore front of mens grooming before it was even popular and trendy to do so since 1929. In it’s 85th year on the Dublin Grooming scene and still true to its roots in its 1920’s setting, The Waldorf is a name to reckon with offering haircuts, hot towel (Turkish) shaves and head massages (a mobile service is also available) and just like the quote on their website it is a motto to live and groom by ‘It Pays To Look Well’ (13 Westmoreland Street Dublin2) 

The Celtic Whiskey Shop On the liquor scene since 2003, this shop has matured and distilled into ‘THE’ place to go all whiskeys, both Irish and imported. The diversity among it staff and stock is best to none. Their staff have in-depth knowledge of international whiskeys from the four corners of the globe but The Celtic Whiskey Store offers membership to their very own club as well as weekly and monthly scheduled tastings and Whiskey Live Master classes in aid of local charities. Who thought ‘drinking’ could be so rewarding. - (27/28 Dawson Street Dublin 2)  

Peruke & Periwig In this hidden ‘men’s club/smoking room ambience Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson would not feel out of place behind No 31 Dawson Streets door- Peruke & Periwigs Victorian setting set is apart form the rest of the restaurants, lounges and cocktail bars on the Dawson Street Strip – offering a ‘members only’ residence feel. From its bar on the ground floor to its lounges on the second and third floor every nuance and detail has been included for a reason to make your time there memorable – check out the cocktail list and chose from ‘The Vito Corleone’, ‘The Mad Hatter’ or an ‘Attitude Adjustment’ as well as craft beers & ‘meaty’ food choices. Step back in time and solve the clues this place drops from when you walk in through the door until you close it behind you on the way out – what’s it beef? What will your tipple be? Who will get ‘roasted’ on their weekend roasts they house every Saturday & Sundays… (31 Dawson Street Dublin 2) 

What what does Vitamin ‘D’ stand for? I hear you say? For Dublin of course – a vital part of your daily intake – without it there would be no fun in exploring your social diary. 

Next Month - Its All About Christmas Baby – It’s the A to Z of the ‘Silly Season’ so stop being a Grinch you fool and learn to embrace the ‘Yule’ Enjoy Lazy Days & Fun Nights Together With Friends & Partners From- The Grumpy Concierge


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